Challenges with Galvanic Corrosion in a Pipeline

The presence of galvanic corrosion within an industrial pipeline system should not be underestimated, taken seriously and not ignored. Galvanic corrosion will eventually lead to potential dangerous results characterized by the type of failure within the pipeline. In order to make the correct dielectric union choice, it is critical to fully understand the environmental conditions the […]

HART Showcases Our Latest Products & Capabilities at the Permian Basin International Oil Show-Odessa, Texas

The Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) is one of the largest and most established gatherings in the oil and natural gas industry with more than 750 exhibitors. The Permian is an icon of optimism, perseverance and the ideal location to showcase the latest advancements that are driving the nation to record production and energy independence.This year’s […]

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A Greener Future

Benefits of HART unions in green hydrogen infrastructure: Repair & Maintenance Efficiency: In pipeline damage or maintenance requirements, pipe unions allow for isolating and replacing specific sections without affecting the entire pipeline system. This reduces downtime during repairs and maintenance activities, ensuring a continuous supply of green hydrogen. Flexibility & Scalability: Green hydrogen infrastructure is […]

HART Sponsors Fore Autism Charity Golf Tournament 2023

HART has proudly sponsored the FORE Autism charity event 5 years in a row! FOCUS Center for Autism is committed to helping children and adults with autism achieve their full potential. Over the years, FOCUS has provided clinical, educational, residential and support services to children, adults and their families all across Connecticut!

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Did You Know – HART offers high-temperature steam unions!

Did you know… ….that HART Industrial Unions now offers high-pressure / high-temperature resistant pipe unions that can withstand 1400°F for hydrocarbon and superheated steam service? Unions containing spiral wound gaskets can be supplied to meet national standards such as MSS-SP-83 and ASME B16.20. The pipe union design is similar in principle to flange joints but […]

HART attends International Manufacturing Technology Show – Chicago

The International Manufacturing Technology Show is the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere. IMTS is where the creators, the builders, the sellers, and the drivers of manufacturing technology come to connect and be inspired. Industry professionals from around the globe visit IMTS to discover the latest innovations in digital and traditional […]

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HART Sponsors Fore Autism Charity Golf Tournament 2022

HART has participated in the annual FOCUS Center for Autism Charity Event 4 years in a row. Our company has been sponsoring this event since 2019, and plan to sponsor for many years to come! The FOCUS Center for Autism is a nonprofit organization that provides education, training, support and resources to individuals with autism […]

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HART Booth @ Newport Boat Show 2021

Our HART Team provided live hands-on demonstrations as well as showcasing pressurized systems utilizing HART Sure Seal O-Ring Unions. These demonstrations show the flexibility of HART Unions on a variety of applications, piping and hose connections, and material transitions. Our goal is to illustrate HART’s capabilities and expertise in providing custom customer solutions that are […]

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HART In-Plant / On-Site Training

At HART we offer in person hands-on training and customer product training workshops! Our one and a half hour hands-on training workshop delivered by a HART Product Specialist will give your staff the knowledge and tools to: Save time and reduce energy costs Improve process efficiency, equipment reliability and product quality Cost analysis engineered for […]