The presence of galvanic corrosion within an industrial pipeline system should not be underestimated, taken seriously and not ignored. Galvanic corrosion will eventually lead to potential dangerous results characterized by the type of failure within the pipeline. In order to make the correct dielectric union choice, it is critical to fully understand the environmental conditions the dielectric union will be subjected to.

HART has engineered a solution to address these common failures in the industry. HART manufactures a high-quality dielectric union that is designed to prevent galvanic corrosion when transitioning between two dissimilar metals and handles system pressures to 3000psi (standard) and temperatures to 400F while providing excellent chemical resistance to both polar and non-polar fluids and gases. Our insulated unions work by introducing a proprietary dielectric insulation which acts as a “protective barrier” between the two dissimilar metals. This proven technology offers electrical insulation of over 600V per mil of thickness, which prevents the flow of current between them and thereby stops the corrosion from occurring.

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HART Galvanic Corrosion Technical BulletinHART Galvanic Corrosion Technical Bulletin