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  1. HART Sponsors Fore Autism Charity Golf Tournament 2023

    HART has proudly sponsored the FORE Autism charity event 5 years in a row! FOCUS Center for Autism is committed to helping children and adults with autism achieve their full potential. Over the years, FOCUS has provided clinical, educational, residential and support services to children, adults and their families all across Connecticut!

  2. Did You Know – HART offers high-temperature steam unions!

    Did you know…

    ….that HART Industrial Unions now offers high-pressure / high-temperature resistant pipe unions that can withstand 1400°F for hydrocarbon and superheated steam service?

    Unions containing spiral wound gaskets can be supplied to meet national standards such as MSS-SP-83 and ASME B16.20. The pipe union design is similar in principle to flange joints but outperforms the difficulties associated with standard “ground-joint” pipe unions. This is accomplished by forming the seal with replaceable spiral wound gaskets without a ground joint (ball & cone). Our flat-face design provides turbulence-free fit across seats. This design is ideal where piping requirements dictate the need for a flat face seal to make and break the pipeline.

    HART Industrial spiral wound gasket unions are engineered to provide Class 3000 Service in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Operational conditions such as temperature, pressure, and media will dictate your application’s proper spiral wound gasket selection.

    Application & Performance:

    • Standard graphite spiral wound gasket union
      • Resistant to 850°F (450°C) for hydrocarbon, superheated steam service, and more!
    • High-Temperature Options Available!
      • Engineered solutions for 1400°F (760°C) and higher, including turbine and energy.
    • Available in various materials including 316 Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, and more!


    For more information, visit our high-temp union specifications page.

    HART Did You Know – High Temp Steam Unions.pdf

  3. HART attends International Manufacturing Technology Show – Chicago

    The International Manufacturing Technology Show is the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere. IMTS is where the creators, the builders, the sellers, and the drivers of manufacturing technology come to connect and be inspired. Industry professionals from around the globe visit IMTS to discover the latest innovations in digital and traditional manufacturing.


  4. HART Sponsors Fore Autism Charity Golf Tournament 2022

    HART has participated in the annual FOCUS Center for Autism Charity Event 4 years in a row. Our company has been sponsoring this event since 2019, and plan to sponsor for many years to come!

    The FOCUS Center for Autism is a nonprofit organization that provides education, training, support and resources to individuals with autism and their families. They also offer special events for families to meet each other, share experiences, and find out about new developments in the field of autism research. HART is proud to be a part of the Fore Autism Charity Golf Tournament.

    Alec Tremblay Mitch Camera at HART sponsored holeAmanda Tremblay Alec Tremblay Mitch Camera at FOCUS Autism Charity